Southeast Asia

Bali - 12 Days
Philippines East - 10 Days
Philippines - 10 Days
Philippines - 14 Days
Vietnam - 12 Days
Vietnam - 15 Days

South Asia & Africa

Morocco - 11 Days
India - 14 Days
Sri Lanka - 12 Days
Add-on: Maldives

East Asia

South Korea - 10 Days
South Korea - 13 Days
Japan Essentials - 9 Days
Japan - 10 Days
Japan - 14 Days
Japan Winter - 11 Days


Bali, Indonesia
Sri Lanka
South Korea

Reducing Plastics

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The Statistics say it all

  • 8 million metric tonnes of plastic enter the ocean & kill more than 100,000 marine animals every year
  • Plastic has been found 7 miles deep in the ocean, contaminating some of the most remote parts of the world
  • By 2050, scientists estimate there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish


But you already know all of this, right?

We could throw endless statistics around, but in the age of social media we know everyone has seen the videos on Facebook. As we watch surfers pulling armfuls of plastic out of the water and turtles battling fishing equipment as they try to take a breath – we pledge to do better. But then suddenly we’ve left home, we forgot our water bottle and we’re just so thirsty… it’s just one plastic bottle, right?


Said 7 billion people.


As plastics continue to accidentally find their way to the ocean instead of landfill, they also find their way into the stomachs of our ocean mammals, they end up wrapped around the beaks of birds just trying to feed their young – it even ends up inside our own bodies. If the fate of the world’s animals isn’t enough to worry you, we’re consuming micro plastics through our fish and even through our table salt.


Why did we start travelling?

From gap years to sabbaticals, everyone travels for different reasons, but we all have one thing in common – we love our planet, and we want to explore it. We created unique travel experiences, to show our guests the very best of the countries we guide them through, and from day 1 we’ve searched for ways to reduce our footprint and protect the environments we visit during our trips. Right down to our guides, who are unbelievably passionate about being eco friendly while they travel, we care.


Plastic Free Tours

We made our tours plastic free in the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bali (yes, you heard right! The Philippines and https://onelifeadventures.com/bali-indonesia/ – 2 destinations that regularly sit in the top 3 countries in the world producing mismanaged plastic waste) by introducing refill stations on all overnight locations, and at all included activities. Even going as far as putting one onto the longer bus journeys we take in Sri Lanka so our guests never need to buy a plastic bottle.

From our regular coastal clean ups (we’ve been hosting beach clean ups in Port Barton on a weekly basis since we first started visiting!) to our incredible suppliers who are passionate about helping us make sure all our included activities are plastic free – travelling with us is about being part of the solution. If you forget your reusable bottle, you can purchase one of ours. Choose to make one small change to your travels today; you have more impact than you know.