Southeast Asia

Bali - 12 Days
Philippines East - 10 Days
Philippines - 10 Days
Philippines - 14 Days
Vietnam - 12 Days
Vietnam - 15 Days

South Asia & Africa

Morocco - 11 Days
India - 14 Days
Sri Lanka - 12 Days
Add-on: Maldives

East Asia

South Korea - 10 Days
South Korea - 13 Days
Japan Essentials - 9 Days
Japan - 10 Days
Japan - 14 Days
Japan Winter - 11 Days


Bali, Indonesia
Sri Lanka
South Korea

OLA Travelship

OLA Giving Back

We love travel!

It’s probably pretty evident if you’ve made it this far through the website, that we like to travel. Well, more than like, we’re actually pretty damn passionate about it. Travelling is what we do; it’s who we are. One Life Adventures was built off of a dream to travel differently, and show others how to do the same. So we developed unique trips around mind blowing destinations and the travellers started flocking. Whether you join us just trying to escape work, trying to gain some perspective on our big, wide world or in search of a life altering experience – one of our fundamental core beliefs is that everyone should be able to travel. But as nice a sentiment as that is, it’s not always realistic. For some people it’s just not as simple as booking that flight and getting on the plane.


Transforming with our local legends

We’ve spent years working on what we believe are transformational trips, but they simply wouldn’t be so without our local legends. In each destination we visit we have local guides that go above and beyond to show our guests how passionate they are about their home. The desire they have to provide the ultimate experience for our guests while teaching their lifestyles, cultures and rich histories shines through and we absolutely adore them. With this in mind, we founded the OLA Travelship. Every year we give one of our local legends the opportunity to travel somewhere they’ve never had a chance to visit before.


Giving Back to one of our legends

This year, we’re sending the famous Ravi to Japan! Ravi has been with us from the start in Sri Lanka as our local guide and has had a huge impact on many people in that time. With Ravi you’re never just a guest – you are family. If you’ve been lucky enough to meet him in person you’ll know there is nothing he won’t or can’t do, to give you the ultimate experience during your tour. His father was a guide, and he has been guiding himself for 28 years – he knows almost everybody in Sri Lanka and gets the warmest welcome from every place we visit! Despite looking like he is in his early 40’s (much thanks to his constant passion and energy!) he is actually in his 50’s and has never left Sri Lanka. He has dreamt of going to Japan for a long time, a country he has been fascinated by for as long as he can remember and we’re ecstatic to make that dream come true.