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Birthday Sale – Save up to $500 AUD


Jan 12, 2022 | Travel Tips

As countries of the world continue to open up following the lockdowns we’ve seen in 2020 and 2021, many people are enjoying a general return to normalcy in a variety of ways. However, while many of us are able to resume travel as we loved before to the pandemic, certain new problems have surfaced or previous concerns have been heightened. What’s an example? Because of safety concerns, there is an increasing reluctance to board a plane and take a holiday. For this week’s blog post, we’re giving you tips on how to travel post pandemic. So with that being said, lets see how travel has changed in 2022 and what we can expect when travelling in the future! 


Before your flight

We’re still in the grip of a global pandemic, and it’s natural to feel nervous about activities we haven’t done in a long time, such as flying, but being prepared can help alleviate your anxieties. To assist, review the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travel standards as well as those of your airline, wear your mask, pack sanitising wipes, and bring a good book or headphones to watch a distracting movie. You can also try grounding techniques like breathing into your belly, counting the lights or seats, or naming one item that each of your five senses notices. Finally, remember you’re going on holiday! Get excited about the destination and know that you will soon be landing in paradise and checking so many items off your bucket list.

:empty airport during the covid 19 pandemic

Airplane safety tips

Wiping off your seat, seat buckles, and tray tables before your flight; changing out of your travel clothes and washing them as soon as you get to your destination; and maintaining a strong immune system by eating healthily and taking vitamin supplements as needed.

People should also keep in mind that, while vaccinations are being rolled out, wearing a mask is still popular. Wear your mask when around strangers and especially in heavily trafficked or busy areas to continue slowing the spread of COVID-19 and preventing unnecessary stress. To experience a new destination safely, we recommend avoiding crowded areas and instead choosing for travel activities such as park picnics, beach days, hikes, and walking tours.

Any changes to expect will undoubtedly be related to COVID, such as increasing social separation, boarding five rows at a time, and less interactions in the air, such as no in-flight food services or only minimal snacks and drinks.

some flights may not offer typical food and drink services like they did pre pandemic

Hotel and Hostel changes

Most meals will be served outside and staff will be wearing masks, all indoor public spaces have been re-organized, seats are spaced, and windows are constantly opened. You can also call ahead of time to inquire about the safety precautions that will be in place at your specific accommodation. For our tours, we have taken care of all these things for you ensuring our accommodation is safe and practises safety precautions.

beacon beach hotel in negombo, sri lanka

Vaccination and testing

The most notable changes are the freedoms that vaccination cards provide—Most countries are stating that no COVID test was required provided you were completely vaccinated for at least two weeks. Before you travel, double-check the regulations of your location, as they are all subject to change.] Other changes could include various curfews in different areas, as well as masks, temperature checks, and hand-sanitizer laws.

 covid-19 vaccine

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may appear to be optional to some, but we highly urge everyone to have it. In order to participate in any of our tours, you must have travel insurance. Given the current condition of the pandemic, insurance protects you against unanticipated travel delays. Check to see if your coverage includes emergency medical assistance or evacuation. It would be much better if it covered cancellations. Your credit card may have already included insurance when you booked your trip.


Sustainability and local communities

Since the pandemic began, a lot of communities that relied on tourism have been struggling financially with the loss of tourism. Travellers can help small communities that were already struggling economically prior to the pandemic even more as they return. Doing small things such as purchasing from local shops or leaving a small tip in some countries can make the world of difference to someone who has been struggling for the past 2 years. Making thoughtful purchasing decisions has a positive impact everywhere, and keep in mind that when you travel, you are voting with your dollars, so choose wisely!

 local market in sri lanka

More Resources

If you want more resources on travelling during the pandemic, you can go to the CDC website, where they can be confident that they are getting accurate and up-to-date information. The CDC website includes travel instructions for both domestic and international destinations, as well as a search engine that connects visitors to the health-department websites for their destinations to check for any limitations or recommendations. Looking these up ahead of time will help you be prepared, which can reduce any concerns you may have.

 the cdc website is a great place for resources related to the covid 19 pandemic

As we are finally getting back to travel, it is important that everyone does their part in travelling safely, and respecting local laws. Whether you are against your own government’s regulations or not, you should always abide by the local laws when in a foreign country. If you are sick, stay in and do not allow for the virus to spread. Follow health guidelines that are recommended and enjoy your holiday!

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