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Birthday Sale – Save up to $500 AUD

Reasons to Quit Your 9-5 and Travel While You’re Young

Oct 29, 2018 | Popular Reads, Travel Tips



Working from 9 to 5 every weekday is stressful. Research shows that the average working Aussie is more stressed than ever with a lack of sleep, work pressures and too many responsibilities to blame. As a result, we’re irritable, bored and not following our dreams. If you can relate, take this as your cue to make a change. It could be time for you to change your lifestyle drastically. Here’s why you should start by taking some time off – if only for a few months – to explore the world.





We’re only just starting to realise the impact of climate change, urbanisation and pollution have on our planet. It means that many sights we’ve taken for granted won’t be around for much longer. For example, a popular travel destination like the Philippines consists of close to 7000 islands populated with coral reefs and complex mangrove systems. Due to rising oceans, tropical storms and erosion, many of these islands might not be around in a few years’ time. Sri Lanka, also known as the Land of Serendipity – because the word originated there – is still largely unspoilt, but because of its incredible beauty, this won’t always be true. Now is the time enjoy your share of Sri Lanka’s perfect shores!





When you’re single and childless, it’s easy to make a significant lifestyle change as it only impacts you. There’ll never be another time in your life where you’ll be able to quit your job without consequence to travel. Don’t wait until you’re committed to a mortgage and need a steady job to pay the bills. Travelling now will eliminate regret when you’re older. Here are a few more reasons to consider taking some time off to explore the world.





Unlike workplace relationships (which generally end when one person leaves a company), relationships built during travel and all its beautiful, shared experiences are likely to last a lifetime. This also provides an incentive to travel again to maintain these connections, and prioritising regular breaks means you always have a de-stressing vacation to look forward to.





We’d recommend kicking things off with a visit to Sri Lanka. For starters, the exchange rate is extremely favourable for Australians, and because it’s a small island that hasn’t fully transitioned into a crowded tourist hotspot, you can get your fix of beautiful unspoilt beaches, abundant wildlife and excellent surfing

There’s never going to be a more perfect a time there than right now. Why not make a leap of faith and book your One Life Adventure today?