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Work anniversary trip – The Philippines with Vanya

Nov 15, 2023 | Philippines, Popular Reads

Our social media coordinator, Vanya Ramadhanty has finally hit the one year mark! It felt like yesterday when Vanya started working for One Life Adventures and now fast forward a year later, she’s on a vacation to the Philippines. Her contribution towards the company has been impactful in showcasing our visions through her extraordinary skills in content creation and graphic design. She has given us the opportunity to build a bridge to communicate between us and our customers. 

Vanya was given an anniversary gift from the company to travel to a country of her choice from our award-winning destinations. This tour and flights package was gifted to her as a reward for her hard work and dedication to the company. Having never been to the Philippines before, this trip was definitely one she was looking forward to.

One Life Adventure group in the Philippines enjoying new friendships and transformational travel

Crossing Cultural Boundaries

Vanya’s choice to venture to a new southeast Asian country was because of her love for island life. Originally from the busy capital city of Jakarta, Vanya knew that the ocean would give her the tranquility she yearned for. Being the only Asian in her group, she was nervous. However she quickly learned that her friendships formed effortlessly, “we became a family straight away”. Despite the age and cultural differences, the cultural crossover didn’t get in her way. When her trip came to an end, the group were already experiencing separation anxiety from each other; the bond was just that strong. To this day, they still keep in touch with one another.


Tour group in the Philippines explore the freshwater area of a tropical island

Making Core Memories

After returning back to the office, Vanya couldn’t get enough of storytelling. Island hopping was one of the many activities she enjoyed and the itinerary was an adventure packed journey to the islands of Port Barton, El Nido and Coron. On tour they did everything from volleyball to playing Pik Pak Boom with the boat boys and sunset watching on the cliff at the private island.

There was no better way to experience this country, than to dive deep into learning what makes the Philippines like no other. From learning about the language and culture, to the history of their colonisation and of course the coconuts.

On one of her favourite culture days Vanya climbed a coconut tree, shaved the coconut and joined a cooking class where she made the national dish called Chicken Adobo.
After her meal, it was time to burn some calories, and what better way than learning how to play a childhood Filipino traditional game called Tumbang Preso (knock down the prisoner). This was followed by the national martial arts known as Arnis as well as Tinikling, a traditional Philippine folk dance which originated during the Spanish colonial era. It’s safe to say she enjoyed the dance wholeheartedly, as dancing has always been one of her many hobbies. The dance consisted of at least 2 people beating, tapping and sliding bamboo poles on the ground against each other in coordination with other dancers who step over and in between the poles.

Friends enjoy the view from El Nido's canyon walk, The Philippines

Photo Worthy Spots

There were more than Vanya could count, all the spots along the way were Insta worthy. She had no trouble capturing content for her own social account and for her marketing team to showcase the gems of the Philippines. Everything from a professional camera to an underwater camera, she was set and ready to take on her trip.

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Island Hopping Tips & Tricks

Being able to cool down in the tropical islands of the Philippines is vitally important for a comfortable, smooth-sailing trip. One tip Vanya recommends is to bring a hat and a portable fan as it is essential to those that are prone to the heat. Luckily for Vanya, sunburn and mosquito bites aren’t common occurrences for her, but for future travellers, she would suggest to bring sunscreen and a mosquito repellent as it would definitely come in handy. As most would need a coffee to get on with their day, Vanya would pack herself a snack in her bag for the day trips, so that was definitely on her must-pack list when traveling to the Philippines.

Vanya reflecting on 1 year with One Life Adventures and travelship gift to the Philippines

Reflecting on a Year Growth – Gratitude and Dedication

A heartfelt milestone of being a part of the OLA family, Vanya reflected on her journey and developed a fond appreciation for the people she works with. From trials and tribulations to celebrating each other’s happiest moments, it was all done together as a family. The OLA employees are more than just colleagues, but shoulders that one could lean on. She developed a genuine camaraderie with her coworkers and would often spend quality time beyond working hours; spending days at the office just wasn’t enough. Other than the generous benefits that she’s provided with, working for the company has brought her feelings of gratitude and is continually filled with joy to be a part of a diverse community from people all over the world.

Together as a Team

After experiencing the tour from her own eyes after a year of watching through the lens of other people’s trips, it brought Vanya a deeper appreciation towards the love and passion the OLA family has put into ensuring that the tours are a memorable experience. Being able to give the same love and care we do to our travellers is just as important as doing the same for our employees. After all, without the incredible team that we have, none of this would have been possible. We are consistently committed to making everyone in the company feel welcome and heard, regardless of cultural and background differences. We believe that the simple things are what holds the foundations of the family.

Friends in Port Barton enjoying being on holiday at a beachfront hotel, Philippines

Your Time to Experience

Vanya’s transformational experience could be yours. Which of our destinations would you like to go to? We believe that ethical and responsible travel is important in preserving the industry. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to provide culturally rich adventures. At the end of the day, we only have one life, and what better way than to book a once-in-a-lifetime experience with us.