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Staying Positive During the Pandemic: 5 Things To Practice Today

Aug 19, 2020 | Travel Tips

Some days it’s hard to turn a corner without being bombarded by the constant media frenzy of COVID-19 updates. In the blink of an eye, our world went from open to closed, and depending on where you are in the world – these lockdowns can feel like they have no end. It’s okay not to feel full of positivity during such an uncertain time, but maintaining optimism and actively practising positivity has the potential to change each of your days for the better.


Take a look at our 5 favourite tips for tailoring our days to be kinder to ourselves during this time:



What do you focus on? Do you choose to engage with the negative videos you come across when scrolling through your social media or do you focus on the positive content you find? Where you focus, your energy will follow. When you focus on what you fear, it will manifest itself further in your mind. Master the information you consume and you can master your internal world. The best way to do this is to curate your social media, if you find that you’re consuming information that doesn’t benefit you then try unfollowing the account to remove it from your feed. If you’re on Facebook, you can even snooze certain accounts for a short period of time to give yourself a break when you need it.


You can choose the meaning you give to things in your life. You can decide if it’s the end or the beginning, a challenge or a gift. Whatever meaning you give to an experience it becomes. If you’re still stuck indoors and getting serious cabin fever, get outside as often as you can and take comfort in how different your appreciation of the outside world is during this time. Find comfort in the extra time that we’ve been given as a society to focus on so many of the things we usually ignore.


Put aside some time each morning or evening to write down a positive recognition of something you achieved that day or something you’re grateful for. Staying positive during the pandemic can be overwhelming for even the most optimistic among us and adapting to a new routine of working from home can be difficult, allowing yourself five minutes to think about what you’re most appreciative of can help break a cycle of negativity. 


There’s tons of ways you can help other people during the pandemic. If you’re not at risk you can offer to help out those at risk with groceries or home cooked meals. If you’re shopping online you can dedicate time to finding small or local businesses that will appreciate your support immensely during this time. Making small gestures and doing kind things for others can help give you some perspective by showing you that we’re all in the same boat. You’re certainly not alone!


This is the time to focus on the things that make you happy, from learning new languages, to crafting or cooking, yoga or reading – the possibilities are endless! If you need some inspiration take a look at our recipe ideas and get creative in the kitchen. We’ve got recipes like okonomiyaki from Japan, dhal from Sri Lanka or even a delicious recipe for a mango lassi from India. Focusing on the pastimes you enjoy will feed those positive endorphins to your body, so make sure you are finding time in your day to do something you love.

The most important thing to remember is to speak to yourself with kindness and positivity. How many beliefs do you have about yourself that stop you from pursuing your goals? The moment we change our limiting beliefs is the moment we can evolve. Fill your mind with positivity, control your language, be kind, create a routine for the day to find your focus and most importantly, be grateful for everything you have.


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