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Tokyo > Osaka


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Trip Overview

Recieve a cultural explosion from the chaotic neon light, modern-day Japan to experiencing its incredible natural beauty and traditional practices


Tokyo to Osaka


9 nights of accommodation


4x Breakfasts, 1x Lunches, 3x Dinners


All transport Day 2 to 9. Bullet train, subways, Romance Car & more (Airport transfers Day 1 & 10 excl.)


11 included, 10 free-time suggestions over 5 locations


Your group leader & your local guides


Tokyo to Osaka


9 nights of accommodation


4x Breakfasts, 1x Lunches, 3x Dinners


All transport Day 2 to 9. Bullet train, subways, Romance Car & more (Airport transfers Day 1 & 10 excl.)


11 included, 10 free-time suggestions over 5 locations


Your group leader & your local guides

Japan is a magical place, where old and new collide. A country full of incredible natural beauty, futuristic cities of neon, world-renowned food, and a culture steeped in tradition, it has a way of enveloping you from the moment you step off the plane. Voted the #1 tour worldwide, we are incredibly proud of this trip! We’ve rounded up the best of the best and cultivated a 10 day itinerary that shows you the ultimate highlights of Tokyo to Osaka. Learn how to hand roll sushi, take a Kendo class with a descendent of a real samurai warrior, search for Geisha’s in Kyoto’s Gion District, explore incredible temples, try world renowned food and stay overnight in a real, traditional Japanese temple. This will be the trip of a lifetime.


Day 1 – Welcome to Japan! Tokyo Time

Touch down in Tokyo! Arrive into your Tokyo hostel and relax until the evening. Tonight we’ll take you out to feast on Japanese cuisine and meet the rest of your group. After dinner when the crowds have all dispersed, we explore the iconic Tokyo Senso-ji Temple by night!

Accommodation: Twin Bunks - Sakura Hotel Nippori (or similar)
Activities: Welcome Dinner, Senso-Ji Temple
Free Time Suggestions: Tokyo Skytree
Meals: Dinner
Physical Rating: Low

Day 2 - Explore Tokyo, Harajuku, Yoyogi Park & Akihabara

We’ll start the morning off with a a Japan Orientation Briefing. You’ll learn simple Japanese customs and phrases to help you dictate your way across the country. We’ll then head out to the birth place of Japanese teen pop culture, Harajuku. We’ll then head into Yoyogi Park, host of the beautiful Meiji Shrine.

Afterwards, we’ll head to Akihabara – Tokyo’s electric town - and be blinded by the all the neon lights and crazy shops in store. You can challenge each other in the arcades, check out the famous Maid Cafes or just wander around the area.

Accommodation: Twin Bunks - Sakura Hotel Nippori (or similar)
Activities: Japan Orientation, Tokyo Districts
Free Time Suggestions: Maid Cafe
Meals: Breakfast
Physical Rating: Medium/High

Day 3 - Tokyo, Sushi Making Class & Shibuya Crossing

In the morning after breakfast we will head over to our own private sushi making class! You will learn how to make Miso soup, three types of sushi and the secrets behind Teriyaki! Vegetarian option is available but you must notify your guide/One Life a week before the tour starts. This evening we head to Shinjuku, we’ll see an unparalleled skyline of Tokyo, check out the famous Omoide Yokocho alley & grab some dinner. before viewing the famous Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing.

Accommodation: Twin Bunks - Sakura Hotel Nippori (or similar)
Activities: Sushi Making Class, Shibuya Crossing
Free Time Suggestions: Toyosu Fish Market, Songokuji Temple
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch
Physical Rating: Medium

Day 4 - Hakone, Mt Fuji Viewing & Romance Car

Today we take the aptly named “Romance Car” to the stunning mountain town of Hakone. After checking into our guest house situated in the mountains, we will spend the day exploring the surrounding areas on a variety of different transports. Why is Hakone so special? Well, not only is the food incredible but you can get a spectacular view of Mt Fuji (weather dependent.) After a day of exploring and taking photos of Japan’s most famous mountain we’ll arrange a traditional Japanese Family Nabe dinner in our guesthouse and finish the day playing some games.

*If you have asthma/respiratory condition, the brief visit to Owakudani is not advisable, please speak to your guide for an alternate arrangement.

Accommodation: Twin/Triple tatami mats -Gora Gaku Guesthouse (or similar)
Activities: Mt Fuji Viewing, Romance Car
Free Time Suggestions: N/A
Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
Physical Rating: Medium

Day 5 - Takayama, Sake Tasting, Temple Stay & Old Town Tour

Today is the day we ride the world-famous shinkansen for the first time. Watch them fly by on the platform before boarding one of the world’s fastest train.

Keep an eye out for Mt Fuji on the way. First stop is the UNESCO World Heritage town of Takayama. Here we will be staying at a stunning temple for the night. In the afternoon, We’ll sample sake in a local brewery and you can even treat yourself to some famous Hida beef!

Accommodation: Multi-share Rooms -Zenkoji Temple (or similar)
Activities: Sake Tasting, Temple Stay, Takayama Old Town Tour
Free Time Suggestions: Onsen/Public Bath House
Meals: N/A
Physical Rating: Low

Day 6 - Morning Market Walk, To Kyoto! Gion District Walking Tour

Start the morning with a walk around the beautiful old town and village of Takayama as well as a visit to the morning market on the banks of the Miyagawa River. We will then head to Kyoto by bullet train. In the evening a local tour guide will guide us around Kyoto’s Gion district, known for Geisha’s (Japan’s traditional art form of entertainment), if you are lucky enough, you might even spot one.

Accommodation: Pod-style per person -Ryokan Hostel Gion (or similar)
Activities: Morning Market Walk, Gion District Walking Tour
Free Time Suggestions: Geisha Performance
Meals: N/A
Physical Rating: Medium

Day 7 - Kyoto, Kiyomizu-Dera, Fushimi-Inari & Tea Ceremony

We’ll rise before dawn and take the subway to the Fushimi-Inari Shrine. We arrive early to escape the throng of tourists and work our way through the mountain exploring corridors of never ending red gates. After, we will head to Kiyomizu-dera temple, one of Japan’s most famous temples. A stunning bamboo and wooden complex that sits high in the mountain side. We finish up with a traditional Tea Ceremony, where you can even rent kimonos!

You will have the rest of the day free to explore.

Accommodation: Pod-style per person -Ryokan Hostel Gion (or similar)
Activities: Kiyomizu-Dera, Fushimi-Inari, Tea Ceremony
Optional Extras: Kimono Hire
Free Time Suggestions: Nishiki Market
Meals: N/A
Physical Rating: Medium/High

Day 8 - Kyoto, Golden Pavilion! Zen Garden & Kendo Class

We head to the stunning Golden Pavilion, a beautiful gold laden building surrounded by a lake. After we’ll head to Daitoku-ji, a quiet, leafy complex of old temples. In the afternoon we head to a traditional Kendo class housed in the dojo where it all began. Your authentic Bushido instructor, a descendant of a Japanese Samurai, will teach you the way of this respectful martial art.

Accommodation: Pod style per person -Ryokan Hostel Gion (or similar)
Activities: Golden Pavilion, Zen Garden, Kendo Class
Free Time Suggestions: Heian Shrine
Meals: N/A
Physical Rating: Medium

Day 9 - Bamboo Forest, Monkey Mountain, Osaka Dotonbori Food Tour

The day starts with a train ride to Arashiyama, a town surrounded by mountains and a river running through it. The itinerary includes a visit to the bamboo forest, climbing Monkey Mountain, a traditional Japanese boat ride through the valleys. We then head on to Osaka where in the evening, we explore the famous Dotonbori area. The food, people, lights, and colors of the "kitchen of Japan" will be experienced before ending the tour with karaoke in the evening.

Accommodation: Twin Share -Hotel WBF Namba Motomachi (or similar)
Activities: Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Monkey Mountain, Boat Tour, Dotonbori, Food Tour, Karaoke
Optional Extras: Extended Karaoke
Free Time Suggestions: Osaka Canal Boat Tour
Meals: Dinner
Physical Rating: Medium/High

Day 10 - Depart

After nursing your head’s from last nights antics, it’s time to say goodbye to your group and the new friends  you have made from your tour. We hope we have shown you the best that Japan has to offer!

Accommodation: N/A
Activities: N/A
Free Time Suggestions: N/A
Meals: Breakfast
Physical Rating: N/A

Japan 10 Day Tour Map One Life Adventures


Our crew comprises of award winning tour guides who will make your trip unforgettable. Expertly trained and prepared for every circumstance – they’ll be your new best mate and a fountain of knowledge all wrapped up in one, and will stop at nothing to make your trip life changing.

We’ve packed a full itinerary so you can see the best in your time. Not only that, we’ve personally tried and tested all of the accommodation, transport and meals included on this trip to be sure you’re receiving a quality experience.


Maximum group size 22 people


9 nights of accommodation


All transport Day 2 to 9. Bullet train, subways, cable car & more. *Airport transfers are not included on Day 1 & 10.


Your group leader & your local guides


4 Breakfasts, 1 Lunches, 3 Dinners


  • Famous Tokyo Districts (Shinjuku, Harajuku, Akihabara)
  • Sushi Making Class
  • Mt Fuji Viewing
  • Sake Tasting
  • Gion Walking Tour
  • Kendo Class
  • Fushimi-Inari Red Torii Gates
  • Kiyomizu-Dera Temple
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Overnight Temple Stay
  • Osaka Food Tour

Free Time Suggestions & Optional Activities: Tokyo Skytree, Maid Cafe, Robot Restaurant, Onsen, Heian Shrine, Kimono Hire, Geisha Performance, Extended Karaoke, Osaka Canal Boat Tour, Universal Studios

Night Stays

Much like Japan itself, our hand picked accommodation will take you backwards and forwards in time – from temple stays to modern hostels. We believe in only taking our guests to places we have known and loved ourselves, from twin share to triples and multi-share for the nights spent in temples.

Have you ever slept in a temple? Spend a night in the stunning UNESCO World Heritage town of Takayama. Sleeping on traditional tatami mats with views of the private Japanese temple garden, you’ll truly live the temple way of life for a night – an experience you won’t forget anytime soon!

Multi-share & Twin Rooms
Unique Temple Stay
Pod Style Stay & Tatami Mats


Let’s go through the basics before you meet us on your big adventure to Japan. You are about to set off into one of the most spectacular places on the planet and we want to make sure you’re all ready! If you still have further questions after reading through this section then please get in touch with one of the friendly OLA team who are here to answer all your questions.

What is the age range of this tour?

All One Life Adventures tours have an 18 years+ requirement. Once you’re over 18, as long as you have a sense of adventure, are excited by our activities and are young at heart, we would love to have you onboard!

What fitness level is required to join this tour?

This tour requires a reasonable level of fitness due to the amount of walking involved. There will be some days where you will be walking more than approximately 8-10km. Please bring appropriate footwear for this!

Can I book the 14 day extension while on the 10 day tour?

No, this tour must be booked in advance either online or with a travel agent. This tour is considered a different tour to the 10 Day trip so must be booked as an alternative option and not in conjunction with the 10 Day Tour.

Do many people extend the trip beyond the initial 10 days?

Yes, we’ve had lots of existing guests extend their stay after the 10 days and head to Hiroshima on their own. This new tour option was born out of demand. However, please note that the 14 Day Tour must be booked in advance to arriving in Japan and cannot be tagged onto the end of the 10 Day Tour.

How much free time is there in Tokyo if I’d like to do some shopping & optional activities like Mario Kart?

While there is free time allocated during our time in Tokyo to explore each area a little further, there isn’t enough free time for bigger activities unless you miss some of the inclusions. If you’d like to do the Mario Kart racing for example, we recommend you arrive earlier than day 1 to give yourself some extra time in Tokyo.

Can I bring a suitcase on this trip & is there a luggage limit?

We would highly recommend bringing no more than 15kg on this trip, and bringing a backpack instead of a suitcase if you can. You won’t need to carry your luggage around during daily excursions, but you will need to transport your luggage between each accommodation so we recommend packing as lightly as possible.

The luggage limit on the Shinkansen (bullet train) is very strict. Bags over 160cm (height x width x length) need an advance reservation and bags over 251cm cannot be accommodated even with a reservation.

Do we have to carry our luggage around with us each day? Is there a luggage delivery service on this trip?

You will need to transport your luggage between accommodations, but during the day when out and about you can leave your luggage safely stored away at the hostel.

We do not offer a luggage delivery service but our guide can direct where you need to go to do it yourself.

I’m arriving at 9pm on day 1, will this be a problem?

Arriving at 21:00 is not a problem at all, but you will miss the welcome dinner and night walk at Senso-ji Temple. Just be mindful that all public transport into the city stops running around midnight so keep this in mind if any of your flights are delayed. If this is the case, there is information in your welcome email about how to get into the city after midnight.

Where should I fly into? Where do we spend the first night of the tour?

You can fly into Narita International Airport (NRT) or Haneda International Airport (HND). It doesn’t matter which one you fly into. We don’t offer airport pick ups on this tour but we include incredible detailed information on how to get to the hostel from both airports in your welcome pack.

The first night is at Sakura Hotel Nippori in Tokyo. You will be notified in the unlikely case that there are changes.

Are we staying in hostels or hotels?

Days 1, 2, 3 you will be in twins in a hotel, On day 4 you will be staying in multi-share accommodation in the mountain town of Hakone, day 5 in a multi-share accommodation in a temple. In Kyoto on days 6,7,8 you will have your own pod in a capsule Ryokan and in Osaka you will either be in twins or triples.

We are travelling together, can we upgrade to have a private room for all nights?

We cannot offer upgrades to our nights in Kyoto or our temple in Takayama (days 5,6,7,8) but for the rest of the tour you will be in twins!

Can I book a single upgrade on this tour?

We are unfortunately not able to offer a single supplement for our Japan tour, simply because it’s extremely difficult to find a single room, almost every room is a twin so it would essentially mean the guest would need to cover the cost of two people to be able to have a room to themselves. However, we will absolutely try and put you with another solo traveler.

I’ve seen that we are staying in a temple, how are the facilities?

We are staying in a temple for 1 night in the stunning town of Takayama. It is breathtaking and truly a once in a lifetime experience. We sleep on traditional tatami mats in multi-share accommodation (up to 9 people in 1 room) with a view of a Japanese garden and provide a mattress, sheet and pillow for all guests. The temple has excellent shared facilities and is centrally located.

One of the things I want to do while in Japan is have a traditional onsen experience, is that included in this tour?

While we don’t have an onsen experience included in our packages, there are opportunities to do this while on tour. While in Takayama there is some free time during which your tour guide can give you directions on how to reach the onsens in the area.

How long do you have to explore Akihabara on the tour?

You’ll have a couple of hours to explore the area before your tour guide takes the metro back to the accommodation, however you can always stay on longer in an area if you want to and your guide will give you clear instructions on using the public transport on your own.

Is there much free time in each location?

The itinerary in Tokyo is fairly packed, but you can always stay in an area for longer and return to the accommodation on your own if you would like to explore more. There’s some free time in Takayama to take advantage of the optional activities like archery or visiting an onsen. While there’s not much free time in Hakone or Osaka, in Kyoto you will have a half day free to explore on your own.

Do we need to purchase a Japan Rail Pass?

The Japan Rail Pass is not included and you don’t need to purchase one as we take care of all the transport for you. We try to use local transport for a more authentic experience.

Can you cater for my dietary requirements on this trip?

Due to the nature of cuisine in Japan, strict dietary requirements may be difficult to accommodate in some areas. Many of the broths/stocks which flavour much of Japanese food are not vegetarian/vegan friendly, and many meals contain either meat, fish, or egg elements. We recommend downloading the app “Happy Cow” and asking your tour guide for advice throughout the tour. You may also bring some snacks/supplements with you if necessary, but please note that Japanese customs can be very strict with medication so ensure you double check everything you bring.

The tour doesn’t end in Tokyo, is the return to Tokyo included?

For those wishing to return to Tokyo after the tour finishes in Osaka/Hiroshima there is the option to include the train cost in the ticket price. This is bookable by your agent at the time of booking or you can add it to your basket when booking on our website. Those guests who wish to book their return train journey whilst on the tour will need to arrange this as soon as possible as it does sell out, so we would recommend arranging this before you arrive.

Does it matter what time I leave on day 10? I have booked my flight out of Tokyo for 8am on Day 10 is this ok?

Leaving from Kansai Airport (Osaka)
We recommend booking your flight after 9am since the earliest you can get to the airport via public transport is 6am and taxis are very expensive (~14,000Y+).

Leaving from Itami Airport (Osaka)
We recommend booking your flight after 9am since the earliest you can get to the airport via public transport is 6:15am and taxis are very expensive.

Flying out of Tokyo
We would not recommend flying internationally any earlier than 5pm. It takes 4 hours to reach Tokyo on the included return train, a further 1 hour to reach the airport and you’ll need to be there at least 3 hours earlier than your flight.


Flight out of Tokyo for 8am on Day 10?

Whilst it is ok, it isn’t ideal. The travel time from Osaka to Tokyo can take up to 4 hours with the airport a further 60 minutes away from central Tokyo. If you book a flight before 2pm on day 10, we recommend leaving the tour on day 9 and organising your own accommodation in Tokyo to catch your flight the next day.

How is WiFi and data access on the trip?

As Japan is a developed country, Wi-Fi and data access is excellent. All the hostels that we stay in have strong and consistent Wi-Fi. If you’d like to stay connected whilst on the road you can pick up a tourist sim card at the airport, these will cost you anywhere between $20-$40 for 2 weeks worth of data.

How much spending money do I need for this tour?

We would advise $600 AUD for the duration of the 10-day tour. This is a safe amount to cover lots on the tour, however you will have lots of opportunities to withdraw more cash throughout the trip.

How long are the travel times?

Whilst on the tour the longest travel time is around 4 hours. There will be a day where we will be on the train for 2-3 hours twice in one day with a 30 minute change.

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