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Birthday Sale – Save up to $500 AUD

10 of The Most Instagrammable Places in The Philippines

Mar 9, 2021 | Philippines, Travel Tips

The Philippines could definitely be deemed the most Instagram worthy place in Asia with its luscious greenery, towering limestone cliffs and crystal clear waters. As well as incredible scenery, the Philippines is also known for its friendly and welcoming locals, fascinating culture and yummy food! Check out our top 10 Instagram hotspots that will be sure to get your followers following in your footsteps and planning their epic adventure through the islands.


The Underground River in Puerto Princesa was voted one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature in 2012 and it’s easy to see why! After a short boat ride to the entrance of the caves, you’ll be met with incredible limestone rock formations and lush jungle. You’ll jump off the boat and embark on a short trek where monkeys will swing from the treetops above you, before emerging at the opening to the underground river. Hot tip, be on the lookout for monitor lizards on your journey to the caves, these awesome creatures are commonly found in the area.

The entrance to the Underground River, located in Puerto Princesa

The opening to the Underground River



This island is as the name suggests, exotic! It makes the perfect place for a lunch and photo stop with its crystal clear waters and jungle island vibes. Depending on the tide, you can even walk or swim to a nearby island through the clear blue waters. If you fancy a little stroll, we recommend venturing around to the other side of the island and you’ll be met with a secluded beach that will make you feel like you just landed in an episode of Lost. 

PHOTO TIP: Walking up and over the top of the island is the best route to the other side, you’ll emerge onto the other beach under a canopy of palm trees and the pure white sand will be an absolute treat for any photographer.

A group of travellers posing for a photo in the ocean

One of our One Life group enjoying the incredible ocean in front of Exotic Island



The perfect place to get a selfie with a sea turtle in its natural habitat! This is a little stretch of sea between two paradise islands, where you’ll find lots of sea turtles going about their day. Swim alongside them in crystal clear water and watch as they come and go to nibble on the abundance of seagrass; it truly is the perfect place for the turtles to hang out. If you’re lucky you’ll also spot nemo and friends here too.

PHOTO TIP: Hand your GoPro to one of the local guides and ask them to snap a pic of you behind the turtle. They’re truly talented at getting wonderful underwater shots, while respecting the turtle and keeping their distance!

A man swims behind a turtle in the Philippines

Turtle-y awesome, right?!


On our Philippines tour we spend the night at a remote private island. It’s an epic place to relax and unwind as we have dinner, play volleyball and sit under the stars. It couldn’t be more worthy of a place on your feed with its beautiful wooden treehouse (built just for us!). The best part? It’s also equipped with its very own swing! 

PHOTO TIP: Who are we kidding, every corner on this island is the perfect photo opp. Grab a camera and go shoot!

A group of travellers pose in front of a beach camp in the Philippines

One of our One Life groups hanging out in front of our beach camp & treehouse



Just a short boat trip and 20 minute hike through the lush Philippine jungle will bring you to the spectacular Bigaho Falls. A beautiful waterfall with a pool at the bottom for you to swim in. As well as being the perfect spot to cool down in the hot weather, it doubles as a great spot to snap a picture. 

PHOTO TIP: After a refreshing dip, don’t forget to snap some pictures on the beach before you hop back on the boat, the white sand beach is one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen! This spot isn’t highly frequented either, so you’ll likely be the only ones here.

Travellers walk through a palm tree grove in the Philippines

This is the beginning of the jungle walk that leads to the waterfalls, check out those lush palm trees!


Have you ever wanted to zipline between two islands? Now is your chance. This incredible zipline will fly you over the famous Maremegmeg Beach, also known as Las Cabanas, and give you incredible views of the clear waters below and tropical islands in the distance. There is a short 20 minute hike up to the zipline so don’t forget to take some water, and remember – the best views are the ones that require some effort to get to!

PHOTO TIP: Don’t take your phone or camera on the zipline unless you’ve got a handle or a way to secure it to your wrist! Luckily, the guys at the zipline will snap their own pics of you as you fly towards them at the end, purchase one for a very reasonable price and remember this moment forever.

Two girls ziplining over the ocean in the Philippines

Don’t forget to bring a GoPro for an epic action shot like this!



The canopy walk in El Nido has to be one of our favourite moments on the trip. Walk through the canopy of the jungle on the famous Taraw Cliff before arriving on a viewing platform that will give you views for days! The walk up isn’t too difficult, and you’ll be wearing a harness and a helmet for safety. After crossing swinging rope bridges and climbing rocks, you’ll arrive at the top. Get ready to be stunned by the incredible views of the beach below and all of the boats in the sea, you’ll feel like you’re on a movie set! 

PHOTO TIP: Once again, the legendary local guides will have your back. Pass your phone over and they’ll snap some insane images of you and your trip mates with the beautiful El Nido bay behind you.

A group of travellers in front of a viewpoint of Bacuit Bay, El Nido

Need we say more?



Prepare to be amazed by the incredible colours of the sky at sunset, literally ANYWHERE in this gem of a country. The skies here turn pink and purple at the drop of a hat and you’ll be lucky enough to experience this no matter where you are on the island.

PHOTO TIP: This one we almost kept a secret… No matter what time the sun is supposed to set, always stay for another 20 minutes after it’s dropped below the horizon. This is when the sky lights up and turns magical, trust us!

A group of travellers enjoying drinks in front of a sunset in the Philippines

One of our groups enjoying a sunset drink at Outpost Beach Hostel in El Nido



One of our favourite islands to visit! This spot is known as Lover’s Island with the locals. With an enormous limestone cliff towering over the white sand, there’s something really special about this spot. In between the cliff and the beach is an area of long grass that blows in the wind, creating an absolutely incredible setting when you step off the boat. Insider info, this is where multiple seasons of Survivor have been filmed! Get creative and take some fun pictures to remember your time here.

PHOTO TIP: Get in the long grass and snap some pics with it framing the camera, it’s one of the only spots like it so it’ll give you a really unique shot from your island hopping adventures.

A boat sits anchored at the beach, in front of Pinagbuyutan Island in El Nido

\… & this is only one side of the island. Trust us, it gets even better from here!



The perfect place to head for a few days to relax after having a blast on tour with us! We’d definitely recommend spending a few beach days here, it’s a great place to relax, swim and eat. Stay at Mad Monkey for a backpacker’s boho experience, or check out Angkla Beach Club for a little bit of luxury to round off your adventure.

PHOTO TIP: Angkla Beach Club has an epic infinity pool overlooking the beach, for a Bali-esque beach club vibe, head here to drink some cocktails and snap an awesome pic.

A drone shot of Nacpan Beach, located in El Nido

Enough said.


Now you know the best places to snap your shots while in the Philippines, what are you waiting for? Get booked onto a tour and prepare to have the best 10 days of your life.