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3 Most Breathtaking Sites for Snorkelling in Sri Lanka

Dec 3, 2018 | Sri Lanka, Travel Tips

The island gem of Sri Lanka, just south of India, is host to a diverse selection of natural environments. From rich rainforests to beachy plains, it’s a traveller’s dream destination. Of course, most popular are its sandy beaches and the waters beyond them. The country is surrounded by the Indian ocean, which presents tourists and locals alike with ample opportunity for exploring the Big Blue.

One Life Adventures has been taking travellers to Sri Lanka long enough to know all the best sea exploration hotspots the island has to offer. Want to take a peek into life down under?

Here’s a list of our favourite snorkelling sites in Sri Lanka.

1. Hikkaduwa

The beachy resort town of Hikkaduwa is located about an hour and a half’s drive south of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. Anyone from the most clueless amateur to the most experienced snorkeler is welcome to take a dive in the area. The resident professional diving instructors are always on standby for a diving crash course or the odd rescue mission.
This is the most popular snorkelling beach in Sri Lanka. It is known to host hundreds if not thousands of spectacular tropical fish species. You can’t ignore the brilliant coral reefs either, with a myriad of weird and wonderful aquamarine plants and creatures. In a nutshell, all things bright and beautiful live in Hikkaduwa.

2. Kirinda

The quaint village of Kirinda is located along the coast, a mere 10 to 15 minute’s drive southeast of Tissa. Imagine everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a coastal holiday destination – Kirinda is all that and more. One of the village’s most endearing characteristics is a Buddhist shrine that has been set up on the rocks.
Beyond the beauty you can see from the shoreline, lies an unbelievably gorgeous diving spot in the water. The remains of the Little and Great Basses make this particular spot a unique experience. Visit from March to April to get the best out of your visit.

3. Mirissa

Tourists were primarily drawn to Mirissa as a great whale-watching spot. This has changed over the last few years, with the area seeing more diver visitors. There are 5 or so well-known spots for snorkelling in Mirissa, with abundant sea life. First-timers and pros alike are welcome, with training centres available to give classes. Each spot has PAD Instructors to ensure safety.

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