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Birthday Sale – Save up to $500 AUD

Island Living: The Best Bars, Clubs, Nightlife in Sri Lanka

Dec 31, 2018 | Food & Drinks, Sri Lanka

Prepare to have the time of your life with hundreds of bars, clubs and casinos to choose from in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. Hop through as many as you can, but first … take a selfie! The team at One Life Adventures knows everything there is to know about having fun in on the island.

Most people imagine a quiet, conservative paradise when they think of Sri Lanka. This may be true in most of the island country, but its bustling capital begs to differ. Since the mid-20th century, the country has been teeming with tourists from all over the world.

What better way to bring tourists and locals together than by sharing a good time? This is the One Life Adventures guide to some of the hottest spots for a night to remember:


Club-Hop for a Good Ol’ Shimmy and Shake

Just like in most parts of the world, nightlife in Colombo usually skyrockets from around 11 p.m. Arrive dressed to kill and the dance floor is yours.

Expect to see bright night lights, colourful cocktails, hear racy dance music and meet people from any and everywhere on the globe. The club scene goes on until around 4 or 5 in the morning, so come prepared. Some of the best nightclubs include:

  • Club Silk
  • H20
  • Club Nuovo
  • D’s



Feeling Lucky? Bet on It at These Top Casinos

Whether you feel up to gambling or not, these casinos have enough fun for everyone. Music and drinks abound, so you can get up to whatever tickles your fancy.

  • Bally’s Casino
  • Bellagio Colombo
  • Casino Marina



Meet New Friends Over a Drink or Two at Any of These Bars or Pubs

“Bar” is a universal language. Characterised by multi and inter-lingual chatter, pool games and more, you’re bound to have a ball in Colombo bars. Visit a few bars or pubs to explore and interact with Sri Lanka’s urban culture.

  • Clancey’s
  • In on the Green
  • Vistas Bar
  • Zaza Bar



Get a Reliable Guide

Want to plan a trip to Sri Lanka but have no idea where to begin? Don’t fret. The One Life Adventures team will have you sorted in no time. Remember, Y.O.L.O. (“You Only Live Once”, for those of us born before technology)!