Southeast Asia

Bali - 12 Days
Philippines East - 10 Days
Philippines - 10 Days
Philippines - 14 Days
Vietnam - 12 Days
Vietnam - 15 Days

South Asia & Africa

Morocco - 11 Days
India - 14 Days
Sri Lanka - 12 Days
Add-on: Maldives

East Asia

South Korea - 10 Days
South Korea - 13 Days
Japan Essentials - 9 Days
Japan - 10 Days
Japan - 14 Days
Japan Winter - 11 Days


Bali, Indonesia
Sri Lanka
South Korea

Roaming Solo

Jan 10, 2024 | Popular Reads, Travel Tips

A solo tour used to be viewed as something that was daunting, lonely and in some people’s minds a little odd. In recent years, this has changed dramatically. The amount of solo travellers has risen post-pandemic with 54% of travellers wishing to travel independently according to post covid-19 travel research. If you have been thinking of venturing solo for the first time; we’re here to tell you why you should.

Discover Yourself and the World Around You

You spend time with yourself more than anyone in your life. This is why many are booking a trip to understand themselves better. Travelling solo is empowering, it’ll encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and to grow as a person. Instead of relying on someone else, you will finally get the chance to trust your gut feeling and gain confidence and a better understanding of yourself. Just like the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ movie, it is truly an empowering journey of self-love. Why not experience part of Julia Roberts’s journey on our 10-Day Bali Tour?

If you’re worried about not speaking the local language then take this as an opportunity to not only make friends but to challenge yourself to learn something new. This could be by downloading a language learning app such as Duolingo. By doing this you’ll build your confidence before your flight even leaves. If that seems too overwhelming, a translating app that records your voice can be used for basic conversations.

Group of new friends on One Life Adventures tour enjoy the reef in South East Asia

Forming Friendships

Take that leap to become the first to break the ice, ask others if they’re solo travellers themselves, or how many countries they’ve travelled to. You can even talk about what you’re most looking forward to doing at the destination you’re at – it can be as simple as trying out their local cuisine. Meeting new people along your travels is the best way to learn more about yourselves and the world around you by gaining first hand experience. 

Solo backpacker enjoying travelling while snorkelling over a reef

Soloing with One Life Adventures

Over 50% of our travellers are solo. For those considering travelling alone for the first time, booking a One Life Adventures tour is the way to go. With over 6800 5* reviews online, our small group tours cherish on creating lifelong friendships and memories. “I would encourage anyone who is considering solo travelling to take the jump and book one of these tours as you will feel comfortable and safe” Tamia, December 2023. Being on a One Life tour, we prioritise experiences true to the local culture of the tour destinations and that includes making positive changes through supporting the welfare of the community as well as doing our part in environmental protection.
Jump on the solo travel trend and meet like-minded travellers who seek adventure and culturally rich experiences by booking a One Life Adventures tour. We would recommend booking our 3 newly-released sought after tours which includes Morocco, South Korea and Philippines East, and start your 2024< on a strong note by ticking off your bucket list destinations.

One Life Adventures tour group in Japan on holiday

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