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8 Ways Travel Makes You A Better Person

Mar 30, 2022 | OLA Giving Back, Travel Tips

Travel is thrilling, inspiring, and most importantly, it’s super fun! We are fortunate to live in a world where travelling is easier and more affordable than ever before, and more people are doing it than ever before – an estimated 1.2 billion people travel internationally each year (pre pandemic).

While a relaxing beach vacation is nice every now and then, studies suggest that the proper type of travel — immersive, slightly demanding, and longer-term — may physically rewire your brain and change the way you see the world. It can also help you become a better person. For this week’s blog, we’re giving you 8 reasons travel will make you a better person!


Travelling Makes Us Experts At Making Friends

After travelling abroad, the idea of extending out to every person you meet appears to be a lot easier. We can relate to a wide range of people, and our newfound openness and patience comes in handy in social environments.

Many guests that have travelled on one of our tours, have made lifelong friends and keep in contact with each other to this day, regardless of what country they are from! We love hearing these stories so if you made a new travel bestie during one of our tours, post a photo on your instagram story and tag your friend and us!

Travel friends on our Sri Lanka tour in February 2022

Travel Makes Us Realise Who We Love And Why We Love Them

We’ve all been there: we lose contact with our family and friends back home whilst travelling. We quickly learn that our true friends and family are always there for us when we’re on the road. They don’t need to be updated on a regular basis and are always there for us when we need them!

 keeping in contact with friends and family at home whilst we travel

Travel Makes Us Fearless

Travelling allows us to realise aspirations we never thought possible. Bungee jumping ? Let’s do it! Skydiving? Okay! Going to a foreign country on your own? Easy! The opportunities are endless once you take the first step out of your comfort zone.

ziplining in El Nido, Philippines

Travel Makes Us Flexible

When we ditch the 9 – 5 routine in order to explore a world of freedom, we understand that things don’t always go as planned. Arriving in Bangkok at 7:00 p.m. does not always entail arriving at 7:00 p.m. Along the process, we learn to sit back, relax, take it all in, and expect the unexpected.

 calendar with a date circled for an upcoming holiday

Travel Makes Us Appreciate The Important Things In Life

We travel the world with nothing but a backpack, leaving everything else behind. We just bring what we really need. It’s freeing to learn to live with only the necessities.

exploring with just a backpack

Travel Reveals the Bigger Picture

Packing a backpack and boarding a large jet plane transports us to another universe. We become overwhelmed by the endless range of cultures and thrill at the prospect of venturing outside our own four walls. We return to our 9-to-5 jobs, and the third-world issues that used to irritate us become insignificant.

 getting ready for boarding at an airport

Travel Opens The Mind

We meet a diverse range of people from all around the world when we travel. We are exposed to different cultures, languages, and lifestyles. We become accustomed to the unfamiliar and new, and we learn to welcome it with open arms.

One Life Adventures guest at a local school visit in The Philippines

Travel Makes Us Realise Who We Really Are

The ultimate and most significant lesson of all is that travelling causes us to reconnect with our true selves. We are surrounded by open-minded travellers who push us to be confident in our own skin. Our self-assurance permits us to travel to a new country without knowing a single soul and be content with the knowledge that a kind ‘hello’ from a passing stranger is just around the corner. Being ‘lonely’ quickly becomes ‘alone,’ and we’re fine with that!

 solo travelling in Japan
If you want to become a better person and change up your current lifestyle, join one of our award winning tours where you will see the changes travel will have on your life! A trip with us will surely transform your mindset in ways you never thought possible! Use code JOURNEY20 at checkout and secure your spot with a $1 AUD deposit today. 

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