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Birthday Sale – Save up to $500 AUD

10 Travel Programmes That You Need To Watch

Mar 29, 2021 | Popular Reads, Travel Tips

Seeing as international travel is off the cards for a lot of us at the minute, where can we get our travel fix from? As lifelong travellers, we all need our travel fix – even if it’s from a distance! So we’ve come up with 10 travel programmes that you need to watch if you’re obsessed with seeing the world. Whether you love a bit of comedy, or prefer a good documentary; there is something on this list for everyone! These programmes will inspire that wanderlust within you and will leave you completely guilt-free over watching the telly (they’re basically education geography lessons, right?)


If, like us, you have a good sense of humour then watching an Idiot Abroad is a must! It is a British travel documentary, and is centred around practical jokes and unique experiences throughout the world. Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant decide to send their friend around the world and document his experiences. However, their friend Karl Pilkington is not very fond of getting out of his comfort zone, so naturally they arrange outrageous experiences for him on every episode! If you are looking to see a unique perspective of countries such as India, China and Africa among others then this programme is an absolute must.


When you think of travelling, you often think about palm trees, amazing food and beautiful beaches. Many people love this side of travel (and of course we do too) but there is much more to experience! The Dark tourist follows journalist David Farrier as he visits places that are associated with tragedy and death throughout history. This type of tourism is called dark tourism and isn’t what most people think of when it comes to a holiday. His journey takes him through numerous countries where he experiences a nuclear lake and voodoo festival amongst some other crazy experiences. If you are looking for travel programmes with a more unique angle than the traditional options, Dark Tourist is for you!

Mexican sugar skulls


During this series Zac Efron travels through the world with wellness expert Darin Olien, travelling through various countries in order to find healthy and sustainable ways to live. Some of the countries they visit include Iceland, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, giving you a glimpse of how other people/cultures choose to live their lives, and the science behind what they do. Some of the highlights of this series include Zac Efron’s trip to the Amazon rainforest and visiting an eco village in Costa Rica.



If you are a big food lover, then Street Food has to be on your watch list. If you are a budget traveller, the likelihood is that you’ve tried street food at some point during your travels due to its lower cost and ease of grabbing on the go. Some dishes are mouth watering, whilst others are not to everyone’s taste (yes we’re talking about those skewered scorpions in Bangkok… eeeek). This travel series has two seasons; one which explores street food in Asia and season 2 which explores different types of street food in Latin America. From hawker stalls in Singapore to tasty treats in India, this series will leave you desperate to try the different cuisines. Foodies, this is one of the best travel programmes that you do not want to miss!

Street food stall serving noodles


Jack Whitehall is an incredible comedian, and as soon as his travel show came out we had to binge watch it! This series takes him and his father Michael to various parts of the world, where they have a number of unique and crazy experiences. These two are polar opposites, which we think makes their dynamic even better. Within the four seasons, they travel throughout Southeast Asia, Europe, the U.S and Australia. Watching this series will give you lots of travel inspiration, but also plenty of laughs along the way!



Race Across The World is a cross between a travel show and a reality show. Sound a bit bizarre? That’s because it is! During each season the show follows five pairs of travellers as they take part in an insane race which will see them visit various countries. The aim is to be the first pair to reach the finish line, halfway across the world. The twist? Each paid is provided with only the cash equivalent of the airfare, and nothing else! What makes this race even more mad are some of the rules. During the show travellers cannot take flights, must leave their phones and credit cards at home and will have no internet access. Could you imagine travelling this way? It sounds mad to us, but would be an epic adventure!

Train at a train station


If you are looking for travel programmes that you can really binge watch, then this is the one. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown has 12 seasons and covers a different place every episode. The travel show ran from 2013 to 2018 and has 104 episodes. The show followed well-known celeb Anthony Bourdain as he travelled across the world to celebrate different cultures and visit unique parts of the world. The main focus of this series is food as it looks to explore different cuisine and dining rituals across the world.


It wouldn’t be right to not include TV legend David Attenborough within this list. This series demonstrates the incredible wildlife and scenery that can be found on each of the seven continents. The filming for Seven Worlds, One Planet actually took 1794 days and the crew visited 41 countries in total. As you guys know we love our wildlife, so this one is right at the top of our list. Sir David Attenborough narrates this incredible series with an important environmental message. This world is beautiful, and it is our duty to protect it at all costs.

Polar bear walking across land


During his career Simon Reeve has travelled to over a hundred countries (we are not jealous at all). In this series he looks back at some of the most memorable moments during his travels. Across the four episodes he visits some of the amazing people he has met throughout his journey, talks about the more dangerous moments he’s experienced and shows us some inspiring wildlife stories. You will also get to have a sneaky look at some behind the scenes footage. If Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve isn’t on your list yet then it needs to be! This is one of our favourite travel programmes on the list.



Below Deck is a reality series that follows the lives of individuals who work and live on yachts. These crew members work aboard super fancy yachts which are rented out by millionaires and party goers. Their job is to cater to each individual and make sure their every need is met. This TV show gives a unique look into what it’s like to work on a yacht and travel the world at the same time. These guys get to visit some pretty incredible places and, of course, they get paid for it too. Sounds like a pretty awesome job if you ask us!

large yacht in the ocean

We think these are some of the top travel programmes out there, so if you are looking for a new TV show and need a travel fix, why not give one of them a go! Can you think of any that aren’t on this list? If you can, we’d love to hear them!